Fortress Paper featured on CRN Digital Talk Radio

crn Fortress Paper featured on CRN Digital Talk Radio

On CRN Digital Talk Radio, Erik Hines & Jack Roberts host The Erik & Jack Attack, where they share sixty minutes of exciting discussion, pop culture, politics, news, and anything else that may be on their minds. On Tuesday, February 9th the Boston bred conservative and the left coast liberal talked about Fortress Paper.

From their blog:

Did you know that there’s only one company in the world authorized to produce the Swiss franc banknotes, which are widely considered to be the most secure currency in the world?

Meet Fortress Paper, (TSX: FTP), an international provider of security and other specialty papers, which is the sole manufacturer of the banknote paper for the Swiss franc. They have also produced banknote papers for over 100 currency denominations for over 25 countries and are one of only nine authorized suppliers of banknote paper for the Euro currency.

New security realities in the 21st century have driven the need for ever-improving security features to be included in banknotes, passports, identification cards, checks and certification papers. The proliferation of color copying, scanning and printing technologies require that producers must continue to develop increasingly sophisticated anti-counterfeit solutions.

While governments continue to improve the quality of banknote paper, overall banknote circulation has continued to grow as a result of economic activity in developing countries and the introduction of the Euro in Europe. “Counterfeit money printing activity continues in several global hot-spots,” reports CSO Magazine.

CRN Digital Talk Radio: Erik & Jack Attack – “Chad Wasilenkoff, CEO of banknote-maker Fortress Paper”

pixel Fortress Paper featured on CRN Digital Talk Radio

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